The trees
The Trees: Still early 1970s
Imagination moves the hand of the artist who, when he lives his pictorial story with nature, cannot resist the charm of the infinite variety of trees that it presented, and which Lucatello reads without a doubt, as an inevitable phenomenon, rather than a casual occurrence.
Trees are among the protagonists of his distinctive pictures: large stocky tree trunks with tough, scaly bark, or agile, towering stems which crowd into dense bushes. Sometimes the painting is dense with lumpy bulges, above all where the links to reality are more manifest. At other times it is sober and dry when the prospective moves away, looking for a synthesis. However, man’s presence is constant, yet not always poetic.
At times, the outlines can become horizontal, maybe to support the vines, and bit by bit they lose all lyric features, they become cold amputated pieces of wood and threatening like true and proper obstacles.


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