Friuli: in the wood
Late 1970s.
Nature of Friuli: in the wood
Lucatello called many of his paintings “Nature of Friuli”. And it is a fact that despite being born and growing up in Venice, where greenery is a rare occurrence between stones and lagoon, the dry and harsh, essential region of Friuli that was very green and changeable had greatly excited him. Trees, bushes, pebbles, rivers and fields of wheat are part of the nature that man has contaminated and has thus become interwoven with: this awareness become the base of the philosophy of his painting. But after all, if Venice is crucial in his biography because it is a school of art (distinctive and very unique) in his formative years, Friuli is an opportunity, a detail on his path. He was a painter who needed nature, because he searched for a reality in which he could find the indelible link with man’s unconscious substrate. However the story would not have been very different if instead of Friuli, there had been another ‘nature’, another world to penetrate.


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