Friuli: landscapes of Buja
Friuli: the landscapes of Buja
In 1961 Lucatello starts to teach at the Institute of Art in Udine and the following year he moves with his family to Tarcento.
At the beginning it is a drastic and bewildering change for him, as he relies on the external reality for thinking his paintings. However, the attraction for the dry earth of Friuli became decisive after endless inexhaustible trips on his scooter around the region, (like any good Venetian, he did not have a licence for many years). He beguins to paint the delicate hills of Buja, recognisable by their shape and by their soft green shades. They are lyrical, almost shy images, unlike the Delta, but sometimes recalling it: often black on black, dense and strong, and handsome. Certainly they open up the road to the Tagliamenti (the Tagliamento river has already worked it’s way into the bottom of the picture) and to the true periods of Friuli.



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