The eroticism
1978 / 1979: The painting returns: The Eroticism
Lucatello wrote in the catalogue of his one–man show at Venice in 1976, after the earthquake, that artists must be reborn every second of their life. Later he insisted that “man is such when he succeeds in reinventing himself forever”. Now there are two studios; one at Brazzacco and one at Treppo Grande, both in small villages in the hills north of Udine: he restarted painting. During this long period of forced inaction the artist has accumulated energy and he defines in his mind the paths that he wants to follow with the usual impetuousness. They are trends which overlap, but which remain completely independent of one another. The first one that we are going to consider is his very original interpretation of nudity. Eroticism is the answer that the earth gives itself in the light of the tragedy that had devastated it. The woman nude breaks down into hills under the changing light. He paints butterflies in oils, or in black or coloured Indian ink on paper: the butterflies transform themselves into females vulvae. Instead, the mulberry bushes are born as a movement between the obstacles and these thick ungainly, lopped trees. The male members are born from the mulberry bushes, from the trees of life. As Gabriella Brussich said “each phase of his artistic progression justifies the previous and is justified by the next”.


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