The "Musi"
The “Musi”
The “Musi” become an obsessive project, a kind of résumé of his painting. The development (but not conclusion) of a thought that proceeds exclusively in images and visual intuitions. Lucatello scrunches up the canvas in order to listen to the beat of the matter better, and to help the vision to dissolve in pure light. As Rosada said, with the “Musi” Lucatello “felt that the unreachable was within reach”. The last image (and premonition?) was abruptly interrupted by death; in certain “Musi” the last definitive immersion in the reality (or truth) of nature is felt. These monochrome “Musi” that are lightly touched by the low light, are sustained in their lyric happiness by an unchanged creative energy. At the end of this unrepeatable artistic story, one last reflection can be made. It seems that the impetuous, angry and controversial vein that had accompanied Lucatello from the very beginning was appeased when he arrived at the “Musi”. It seems that finally, the serenity gained was not a result of the once sporadic urgency of an irrepressible vitality, but the last result of his artistic thinking.
He was still working, but as it often happens, death interrupts our life for no apparent reason.

All “Artistic evolution” translated by Rebecca N. Kay



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