Vegetable gardens; teapots
The vegetable gardens at Portosecco; the earths, the teapots.
Late 1950s: the vegetable gardens and the teapots.
In 1958 Lucatello spends his entire summer at Portosecco, where thriving vegetable gardens were situated on a strip on land that lied between the Venice lagoon and the sea. A sea which he never paints, as his interest is the earth; fat, solid clods of black, damp earth where colourful vegetables sprouted.
Above, the sky is painted according to the time of day; white or yellow, rarely light blue, because blue is often a colour which hides another colour, a truer light. In some cases the earths divide the picture in half, horizontally. Above is the sky, or in other cases the earth, which covers the whole picture, just leaving space for a pond flooded with light in a lower corner. Earths painted with clots of colour which protrude and run, to continue the subject of the Delta, the study of reality confined to a detail. The teapots that he painted in 1959 seem an eccentricity, suspended above the earth, they are intended to indicate the evidence of the objective reality.


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