Round pictures like the sun
Early 1970s: Round pictures, like the sun
During these years he paints his first “rounds” which are circular pictures of a variable diameter. Sometimes he fitted them to rectangular structures made of wood or steel; and at other times he let them oscillate alone, without a frame.
At the beginning his idea had been that they should be hung on the ceiling and therefore looked at from below, (in a one–man show at the Bank Circle of Udine, he actually did hang them on the ceiling). However this could only be done when the paintings were smooth because the lumps of colour were often so dense that they risked falling off, and furthermore they took a long time to dry. They were almost always painted as monochromes, white or red or orange or brown, that is to say, in his way of interpreting nature, suns, sunrises, sunsets or earths drenched with light.



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