The Tagliamenti

Early 1960s: The Tagliamento

The Tagliamento is a river which always has surprises in store; it is very pebbly, very changeable in its course, subject to alternation between swollen and dry sections, the light that infiltrates between the areas of greenery and the muddy river–bed — it is difficult to find answers to the endless questions that it raises. The theme of reality seen from a different perspective continues in this period, and qualifies itself more and more. It is enough to concentrate on a particular detail: we can easily imagine the outlines (river–banks, trees, houses), which are not there, but how many times have we ourselves experienced a similar thing when we have been concentrating on a specific detail?
After the lyricism of Buja, the matter becomes rough and coarse, pervaded with a throbbing energy of life. Through this contact with the pebbly riverbanks, the gorges and the reflections of light on the river, Lucatello meets with a dimension of nature that for him signifies ‘reconfirmation’. To prove this to the limits of provocation, sometimes he sticks pebbles onto the canvas, which breaks up the white or red water.



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