The earths
The Earths: Late 1960s / Early 1970s
Lucatello already discovers the charm, the meaning and the tactility of earth whilst he is living in Venice. He discovers it in the black and dense marshes of the Po delta during his stays in the lower Po valley and, more or less in the same period, also in the damp and lumpy clods of earth in the vegetable gardens at Portosecco. His earths are seen with realism, both when they are a comprehensive vision, just like certain “deltas”, and also when he scrutinises them to the microscopic detail of the undergrowth. However, when looking at these earths, it must never be forgotten that man is the protagonist of these pictures. In brief, in these pictures, where there is never a human figure, Lucatello wants to depict humanity.
The earths gathered on this page were painted between the late 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. They are certainly not uniform because they move between different ‘periods’ and frames of mind, and in future years, the theme returns, much loved and constant. From this meagre selection we can take an example: brown earth, a monochrome picture that may seem difficult to interpret. The dark earth is interrupted by a lump of colour, which occupies the space with crucial geometric precision and provokes an almost mystic sensation of suspense. Searching the earth in the field or in the wood, the eye seizes the detail which has been defined and expanded.


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