The sunsets and the suns
Late 1960s / Early 1970s: The sunsets and the suns
The red–hot skies of the Autumns in Friuli, the black earths, invaded with light reflected on the Tagliamento… A few critics, Diego Valeri, or Franco Solmi, or Licio Damiani spoke about an almost mystic vision, certainly of great spirituality in the works of Lucatello. If with this they wanted to underline the feeling of ‘sacredness of nature’, to which the artist surrendered himself, the remark was inevitable and Lucatello accepted it unaffectedly, without showing any kind of contradiction, despite his laicity. Even though his nature was secular, as a boy he had studied the great, traditional venetian art, an experience often lived in the suggestive shadows of the churches, and thus this ‘spirituality’ had become second nature.



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